Making a Filler Box


By Edgar – On March 16th, 2017

A space-saving and as well cost-effective alternative to expensive cases are self-made fountain pen boxes made from paper. In my case I replicated a SWAN filler box, which probably dates from the late 1940s, of the no more existent1 fountain pen manufacturer Mabie Todd: result

In addition to printable templates for the pen box, I also made a kind of foliation and printed it on lightweight paper with 68 g/m² (Tomoe River2), so it can be easily attached to the lid of the box later. remplate

Printing the design directly on the lid won’t work, because the edges of the box would break up when folding the thick paper, though we want them to be well rounded but not sharp. Due the folding also the color application would come off if the template was printed using a laser printer.

Original and Remastering


What do you need?

► You need optionally:

The adhesive needs to dry completely. Otherwise adhesive residues or solvent vapors could come into contact with the fountain pen and attack it (at least superficially).


PDF format

Normal box
2 recesses (length 143 mm, width 24 mm)

PDF document (266.35 KiB)
Slim box
1 recess (length 135 mm, width 17 mm)

PDF document (266.15 KiB)


for reproducing the SWAN box

This foliation is suitable for the normal box and has to be printed in duplex mode (short edge).

PDF document (5.56 MiB)

FrontBack filler-boxfiller-box

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